Inostolesiri' est Morai Sahlas

The Lord King of The Elves

The first known sentient beings to appear on the face of Dacia were The Dragons and The Fey. Working with The Fey, and using them as inspiration, The Gods of Dacia created The Elves. It is commonly accepted by most sages, and magic-users, that Inostolesiri’ est Morai Sahlas was the first elf and the perfect mold from which all other Elves came from.

The Elven clerics say that as he took his first steps upon the surface of Dacia, Inostolesiri’ est Morai Sahlas cut his feet upon some thorns. Seeing this, The Gods decreed that he and his kin would forever be tied to the land and be the stewards of Dacia. From the blood pooling at his feet, his first kin were born. The Gods named Inostolesiri’ est Morai Sahlas as the Lord-King of all Elves and granted him vast and strange powers. As to the validity of these legends, The Lord-King answers only by saying “It is faith that drives a people, that lifts them up, and faith is nothing without belief. What do you believe?”

After centuries had passed and the other races had emerged, The Lord-King sent his people away from their homeland of Laslolari to assume their mantle as the guardians of this world. A large amount of The First People settled in the land known as Ry’athaleal and built lives and kingdoms there. Shortly after that Inostolesiri’ est Morai Sahlas was called away by The Elven Pantheon (The Telo-Alune’Quessir) and left Dacia in the hands of his “children”, bequeathing upon them the Illiathor-selost (The Radiant Truth, a magical reprensentation of his wisdom) to guide them in his abscence. After ages had passed The Lord-King returned and called all his people home to Laslolari to now reside in a paradise he had created. Distraught by the fate of his kin and the world itself, Inostolesiri’ est Morai Sahlas formed a ruling council of noble houses to better govern The First People and ensure tranquility. This has actually created quite the opposite effect by polarizing further divisions among The Elven Nation over the centuries that followed.

Inostolesiri’ est Morai Sahlas stands tall and his stature only adds to his unmatched beauty. His eyes are deep pools of blue/green that reflect ages and ages of wisdom. He is known worldwide for his knowledge, fairness and deep love for his people.

Inostolesiri' est Morai Sahlas

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